About Us

NUARE is a design studio that works at the intersection between art and technology to create original and contemporary designs, using 3D printing as a manufacturing method. Inspired by nature and mathematics, we create our products using a novel process in which are involved the latest technologies, from 3D particles system to organic modeling or 3D animation.

We design a method of digital manufacturing exclusive and unique for each product collection. Using this method we generate digital prototypes that will materialize into real and tangible objects in a few weeks without the need of making long runs, giving more exclusivity to each piece and that is made one by one.

The manufacture of the final product varies depending on the type of material, but the core of any manufacturing method is 3D printing, which lets you create shapes and objects can not be created with traditional manufacturing methods. Taking advantage of new technologies, create jewelry and homewares using 3D printing to materialise our digital prototypes in real and tangible objects.

Who We Are

NUARE is the result of the union of Sabela Sanchez and Carlos Alonso, two restless minds that decided to dive into the world of 3D printing as it was developing.

Sabela is an atypical industrial technology engineer, who despite their technical studies is passionate about art and design. Two worlds apparently very different from each other but that bind to perfection thanks to 3D printing. Carlos is a 3D artist certified Autodesk specialized in modeling, animation, special effects and video editing. He is the kind of designer who likes to use digital tools in a different way than they are designed for, creating unique methods and with very different results that would be obtained using standard tools.

geekprints team: Sabela Sanchez and Carlos Alonso